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I want this experience to feel like you are working with a trusted friend. So don't feel nervous to act with everything you've got! Booking an appointment with me will be based on BOTH of our availability. If you want to do a late night session and I'm available, Let's do it! I understand that the life of an actor is very unpredictable. If you have to cancel last minute, all I ask is that you let me know. I will do the same, and hopefully we can find another time that works for us!

The sessions will be held through Zoom, and I will ask to be paid through Venmo before the session starts. So if you don't have either of those apps, I recommend that you get them before you book an appointment with me.

Here are my Rates!

15 Minute Session: $10

30 Minute Session: $20

60 Minute Session: $40

1 Hr and 30 Minute Session: $60

2 Hr Session: 80$

Coaching is $10 extra! 

For Example: 60 Minute Session + Coaching = $50 

The time you are paying for is yours to use however you would like. If half way through a session you decide that you want to whip out an unmemorized monologue, THAT IS COMPLETELY OKAY! Don't be afraid to tell me what you need to work on. As I said, you can treat me like your trusted friend that just so happens to know a lot about acting. My goal is to create an environment that feels casual and authentic for you.

Minors must ask for their parents' permission before emailing me about a booking.

Book A Session!


Email me how long you would like our session to be, whether you'd want coaching or not, the preferred date and time you'd like to book, your time zone, and what you need in this session (A reader, someone to rehearse with, or an acting coach). I will message you back within 24 hours!

Thanks for submitting!


What does coaching include? 

If you decide to pay for coaching, you will receive acting advice, tips, exercises to work on, and I will answer any questions that you have about the industry. If you decide not to pay extra for coaching, I will still act as your trusted scene partner without the advice.

Why isn't coaching included in the session?

Coaching can be included in a session if an actor wants it, but some actors might not think it's necessary. Especially, if they only need a scene partner to help memorize or a reader for their self-tape auditions.


What should be prepared for our session?

- Acting material to work on such as a monologue, sides for an audition, a play you need to memorize, questions, etc. 

- Send the material you're working on to before the session starts.

- A Zoom Account.

- A Venmo Account to pay me before the session.

- A solid Wifi & Internet connection.

- An open heart and mind.

What do you mean by "Rehearsal Buddy"?

If you have lines that you need to memorize, then I will gladly help you memorize them. If you want me to act with you or just read the other characters lines, that is up to you! If you decide to pay for coaching, I will not only rehearse with you, but I will even give you ideas to play with and help you get out of your own way. 

What is a Self-Tape Audition?

A self-tape is an audition that an actor will pre-record before sending to casting. In other words, casting will most likely send you sides/instructions for an audition with a due date, and then you - the actor - must record yourself doing the audition with your own equipment. 

What does a Reader do for an audition?

If there is more than one character in a scene, the reader will speak the other characters lines behind the camera. 

Do I need a Reader?

If you have another character responding to you in a scene, then you will need a reader. Having a good reader for a self-tape can really enhance any actor's performance, especially for a heavy dramatic or comedic scene. 

What experience do you have as a Actor/Reader/Acting coach?

I got my BFA in acting at Texas State University where I had the opportunity to train in different techniques. Not only do I have a deep understanding of the audition process, but I also know what it's like to be on set. I am mostly known for my performance as Becky in Pooka Lives on Huluand Amy in Party Night on Amazon Prime. Booking various union gigs eventually pushed me to become a part of the SAG-AFTRA union. Since moving to LA I've been employed to work as a reader/coach for self-tape companies such as The Actors Company and Creation Station Studios. 

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